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Awakened Soul

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                Pastor Nica is here for you!

We all need someone to talk to WITHOUT pressure & WITH trust! Most of all, WITHOUT anyone trying to convert you.

     Spiritual conversations as well as NON spiritual conversations.

     Blessings for the soul - if you want it.

     Spiritual counsel - if you want it.

     Just need someone to listen? Need to get it out of your system by saying it, send it, if you do not want a reply, just say so. Many times we feel better with just saying it out to someone. Otherwise I will pray on it then reply.

     Have "weird" things happening that would cause friends to fade away if you spoke it aloud? Tell me. Having weird spiritual things happening and nowhere to turn?

     Not happy with who you are and wish to change that way of thinking?

     Have a high stress job in public service and you see things that you cannot un-see? Let's talk about it.

     Struggle with things that you wish you had the strength to stop doing?

     I am a pastor whose soul has awakened, so it's not just me, someone who knows the better answers for you, is with me. I am a spiritual healer not a physical healer. But if you have an illness that no one can diagnose, let's talk. I have followed God since I was a child and God has rewarded me by allowing my soul to awaken, she and I talk, this is how I am able to assist you. I am not a miracle worker; I just help to get you in the correct direction with whatever is on your mind.

    I look forward to hearing from you and yes, I ask for no payment.

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